Nursing Homes or Skilled Nursing

When looking at placement for a loved one in a “Nursing Home” one should take into consideration the different types of facilities that are available to better suit the needs of the resident or patient. Long-term care is offered to individuals who are no longer able to care for him or herself and live in the community.

Possible reason includes he or she does not have family who can assist in meeting his or her needs, or if the level of care required exceeds what can be provided by home health. Individuals who require 24/7 care and need full assistance with his or her ADL’s would meet criteria for long-term care. ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living) include bathing, feeding, and toileting basic needs for all individuals. In long-term care, residents/patients will receive the full benefits of nursing, dietary, social services, and activities.

Within 72 hours of admission, a family meeting will take place and a care plan will be designed to fit the individual needs. If the individual’s medical condition is terminal skilled nursing facilities offer hospice services, the family would need to speak with the care plan team to ensure the resident/patient meets criteria for hospice services.

Short term rehab is available for individuals who require a short stay after a three-day hospital inpatient stay. This could include a hip fx. Stroke, different types of surgeries. This program is in place to assist individuals to get back to his or her maximum level of functioning prior to his or her hospital stay. In most cases, short-term rehab can be anywhere from 21 days covered at 100% by Medicare days 22 through 100 the individual will have a co-pay unless he or she has a secondary insurance that will cover the copay. In the short term rehab process the individual will work with physical, occupational, and speech therapy depending on his or her needs.

The patient/resident will be evaluated upon admission to determine what disciplines are required the number of minutes per day and how many days a week. Upon admission, the admissions director and or social services director will speak with the resident/patient and or family to have a discharge plan in place. If the goal is for the resident/patient to return home, and he or she may need home health this will be set up through the skilled nursing facility.

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